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Welcome to Psychology Club! We are so excited to present a club that tries to do what you want us to do! Psychology club is an open organization for anyone interested. We hold meetings where students can engage deeper with the department by getting to know their fellow psychology majors and also the professors in the department.  Our goal is to provide a fun and educational environment for anyone interested in psychology! Anyone and everyone is welcome!

Be sure to follow us on social media and join our GroupMe for more updates. The Social Media is in the top right corner of this page, and a link to the GroupMe is in the bookmarks. Thank you for your interest! 

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We are an all-inclusive club for anyone interested in psychology, creating a psychology-oriented community to provide members with learning and leadership opportunities and connections to MSU's Psychology Department.



Selection Process/Membership Requirements

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Anyone majoring in Psychology is welcome to join the club by simply showing up to a meeting. Also anyone interested in learning more about Psychology are welcome to come and enjoy the information discussed.

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Lily Hebert

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Vice President

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Angelia Hall

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Michael Pratte

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We hope to have regular speakers come to meetings to teach members about topics relevant to Psychology and its branches. We will also reach out to incoming freshman at any opportunity permitted. The goal is to create a social setting that is also beneficial to students interested in Psychology.