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2019-2020 Student Organization Travel Approval Request

All University Sponsored travel by a student organization must be approved in advance of the trip and before making any financial commitments. 

To be considered sponsored travel the trip must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • USI provides the students some or all of the funding to go on the trip; funding may be direct to the individual or to the group that is participating in the travel (SGA Travel Grants and Provost Travel Grants are considered university funds. Funds in a student organization's agency fund are NOT considered university funds.)
  • The travel is part of the educational program and/or the institution has am interest due to the educational or mission relevant nature of the travel, e.g. mandatory or voluntary field trip; student is receiving some form of academic credit for the trip.
  • USI made any of the travel arrangements for the trip even though it is not paying for the trip (i.e booking flights and hotels) and meets other sponsored criteria.
  •  Other University resources (like vehicles for travel, University employee supervision) are being provided for the trip.

    For international travel, please contact the Center for International Programs, 812-465-1248 or

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