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Honors Student Council is a student-run organization, while the University Honors Program (UHP) is an academic-based program. While we both operate together, the Honors Student Council is only open to UHP-students and does not participate in the academic works of UHP. We only host events and workshops that high-achieving students can participate in. Many of our events touch the realms of  professional and career-technical development. Our events are meant to be avenues in which you can network with other students and brush up your skills for your future career. 


Promote familiarity between like-minded individuals and encourages communication between UHP-students to sustain long-term professional development. 


If you have concerns, complaints, suggestions, or comments about UHP please email them to Dr. Yap

If you have questions about UHP contract requirements, event attendance, application process please email them to Dr. Yap @

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions for the Honors Room please email Amber

If you have questions about events, types of events, details about events please email Simran


Portal Information


The University Honors Program provides outstanding students the opportunity for academic challenge through the completion of specialized courses, seminars and projects under the direction of faculty mentors.



Selection process/membership requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Open to all University Honors Program members.

Club/organization's email address

The University no longer creates campus emails for clubs and organizations. We suggest using a self-created gmail account.

Officer #1 Position Title


Officer #1 Name

Simran Arora

Officer #2 Position Title

Vice President

Officer #2 Name

Arshdeep Singh Khinda

Officer #3 Position Title

Program Manager

Officer #3 Name

Andrea Salcedo

Officer #4 Position Title

Assistant Coordinator

Officer #4 Name

Lauren Chatfield

Officer #5 Position Title

Assistant Coordinator

Officer #5 Name

Adel Jefri

Optional: Officer #6 Position Title

Communications Director

Optional Field: Officer #6 Name

Neha Singh

On-Campus Advisor Name

Amber Gee

On-Campus Advisor Title

University Honors Program Assistant Coordinator


Please upload your organization's constitution. Follow the link to a template if needed.

Organization Goals

Please list your goals for the next year

1) Organize 3 informational/service event per quarter
2) Organize 2 social event per semester
3) Collaborate with another campus organization

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: social, service, brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

Service Events, Community-Service Events, Volunteer Events, Informational and Social events, Professional Events, Business Events, Networking Events,