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LSL Community/Volunteer Announcement Form

Any Agency/Organization that is providing a service and/or event that FAMU Students can volunteer for will need to submit a Community/Volunteer Announcement Form so that the University can place that Agency and Event on our list of approved volunteer/community service projects and providers.  This must be completed at least two weeks prior to the start of the volunteer/community service opportunity.

Instructions for filling out a Community/Volunteer Announcement Form are below.

1. If you would like to have your volunteer opportunity posted to the Efferson Student Union & Activities Registered Volunteers, please fill out the Community/Volunteer Announcement Form.

2. The Volunteer Service Date is the date that the volunteer opportunity will start.

a. If it is an on-going service, as in working a set schedule in an office, it is the date that the on-going assignment(s) will begin. Also include an ending date (e.g. January 10-April 30, 2014).

b. It can also be the date of an event.

3. The time for an on-going assignment or a one-time event, should be the time you report to work and the time you sign-out.

4. The Agency is the name of the Organization/Agency that is providing the volunteer opportunity (e.g. The American Red Cross)

5. The mailing address is the address for the Agency/Organization that is providing the volunteer opportunity.

6. A brief description of the Activity is a description of the type of work the volunteer will be engaged in during their assignment. (e.g.  Office work to include answering phones, typing, filing etc.) Please include the location of the work site if it is different from the Agency/Organization's mailing address. Also, include a justification for the service that is being rendered.

7. Examples of requirements may be (i.e. Must have transportation, Must be an organizational member, Must complete a background check)

8. The Site Supervisor/Contact Person is the name of the work site supervisor.

9. The Site Supervisor/Contact Person should be someone who can answer questions about the volunteer opportunity.

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