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Welcome to Club Taekwondo at SFSU!

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We invite all members of the SFSU community to come learn the traditional Korean Martial art called Taekwondo.

  • No previous experience is necessary
  • We will teach you the basics and to your black belt and beyond
  • Our instructors are friendly and fun to work with
  • We always have a lot of fun and our workouts will leave you feeling great!

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Portal Information


We are a student-run organization on campus. We look to foment students who are looking for a good workout in the Korean Martial Art, Taekwondo, and who want to make friends in the SFSU community. No previous experience is needed, and we offer various workout schedules through out the week to accommodate your schedule.


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Both undergraduate & graduate students

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Our mission is to provide a place where students who are interested in Martial Arts for training, self-defense and/or as a culture can practice together, building up their courage, strength, endurance, self-esteem and friendships. We will challenge one another and grow stronger together!

How can people join the organization?

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Anyone in the SFSU community can join which includes Students, Alumni, Staff, & Faculty. We have practices Mon, Wed & Fri and anyone can stop by and speak to our coaches. Click on "Start Training."

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Jenny Lederer