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Racing towards a cure - Orienteering with the ClinSciSoc

Saturday, Oct 21, 8 am
Macquarie University Lakeside

This year, we want you to join us, the ClinSciSoc to get behind Macquarie University's research into Cancer, as we support their effort to treat or cure this devastating disease which has touched as all in some way or another. 

Bouncing off the success of last year's Motor Neurone Disease fundraiser, the ClinSciSoc is partnering with some amazing sponsors to present to you 'Running Circles around Cancer - Orienteering with the ClinSciSoc'. 

Orienteering, also known as...

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Ace GAMSAT with the Clinical Science Society

Saturday, Dec 10, 9 am
C5C 209 - Macquarie University

DO YOU want to start your journey to becoming a doctor in 2018? 

DO YOU want to ACE the GAMSAT in 2016? 

DO YOU feel like you need EXTRA help with Sections I and II (i.e. the non-Science sections)? 

Well, put the 10th of December in your diary, because the Clinical Science Society has got your back! 

Come join us for a day where we tackle the GAMSAT together with help from a recent MD applicant and GAMSAT Tutor who aced Sections I and II of the GAMSAT this...

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Legacy: A Ride to Conqueror Motor Neurone Disease - Screening and Fundraiser

Monday, Aug 22, 6 pm
Atrium, Level 3, Campus Hub, Macquarie University
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