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Ace GAMSAT with the Clinical Science Society

Saturday, Dec 10, 9 am
C5C 209 - Macquarie University

DO YOU want to start your journey to becoming a doctor in 2018? 

DO YOU want to ACE the GAMSAT in 2016? 

DO YOU feel like you need EXTRA help with Sections I and II (i.e. the non-Science sections)? 

Well, put the 10th of December in your diary, because the Clinical Science Society has got your back! 

Come join us for a day where we tackle the GAMSAT together with help from a recent MD applicant and GAMSAT Tutor who aced Sections I and II of the GAMSAT this...

Will you be attending?

Legacy: A Ride to Conqueror Motor Neurone Disease - Screening and Fundraiser

Monday, Aug 22, 6 pm
Atrium, Level 3, Campus Hub, Macquarie University
Will you be attending?