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Welcome to NUS Students' Sports Club (NUSSSC)!

NUSSSC was established in 1979 and have grown into the largest non-faculty constituent club in NUS, becoming one of the most active and widely reached student-run organisation on campus. Dedicated to being a leading platform that serves to promote community bonding through recreational sports.

In order to achieve this, we have a family of 21 member clubs, categorised into Martial Arts, Water, Land & Indoor sports, and 6 major Sports Club Projects such as NUS Biathlon, SunNUS, NUS Sports Camp, RunNUS, Martial Arts Day (MADNUS) and Inter-Faculty Games (IFG), which serves to provide NUS population with an array of sporting activities and a channel to enrich their campus lives. 

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The National University of Singapore Students’ Sports Club (NUSSSC) is one of most active student organisations in the campus. We cater to the recreational sporting needs of the NUS community. NUSSSC comprises of a central Management Committee overseeing many recreational sports.

The Management Committee represents the staff authority of all the various sports groups. We provide the administrative, financial and logistical support for our sports groups and act as the link between them, the general NUS population, with Office of Student Affairs (NUS), Sports and Recreation Centre as well as external organisations.

In line with our vision of encouraging the NUS population in their pursuits of the sporting interests, the NUSSSC spearheads a number of major Sports Club Projects like RunNUS, NUS Biathlon and NUS Sports Camp.

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