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Wellness Assessment (Class of 2021)

This assessment is designed to help you have a more holistic understanding of your current wellness practices and strengths.

The assessment has seven sections - one for each dimension of wellness. For each dimension, you will read a series of statements, and decide how often each of those statements apply to you on the following scale:

  • Always/almost always = 2 points
  • Sometimes/occasionally = 1 point
  • Very seldom/never = 0 points

At the end of each section, you will be asked to tally your score in that dimension. While the answers themselves should not be categorized as "right" or "wrong," the following groupings can be helpful in recognizing where your strengths lie in practicing wellness:

15 - 20 points - You demonstrate excellent overall strength in this dimension.

9 - 14 points - There is room for improvement in this dimension.

0 - 8 points - There is little to no evidence of this dimension in your wellness practices.

Remember - these scores are intended for personal insight and reflection. Additionally, the information in this assessment may be included in your first meeting with the Student Affairs staff member with whom you are paired for personal advising and wellness coaching.

If you have any questions about the assessment or experience any difficulties, please contact your wellness coach (e.g. Dr. LaBlance, Ms. Browne, or Mr. Dumbrille). 

This assessment was adapted from an assessment used by Illinois State University and includes wellness definitions quoted from the "Dimensions: Work & Well-Being Toolkit for Physicians" publication developed by the Behavioral Health & Wellness Program at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus School of Medicine.

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