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Hello and welcome to the Student Activities Board! We're excited to host some great events for the 2017-18 school year and create connections across different communities.

We have 6 teams that put on events. If you are interested in getting info about committee meetings, volunteer opportunities or general events please join the team's OrgSync page. Here are the teams and what they do. Click on the name of the team to go to their page.

Portal Information


The Student Activities Board is a student organization dedicated to the creation of on-campus events. From guest lectures and film screenings, to live music events and game nights, the board serves the campus community by creating inclusive events by UO students, for UO students.

Purpose: Promote positive Resources and Interests that engage the UO student population.
Action: We do this by supporting fellow Student Activities Board Chairs and collaborating between our teams: The BE Series, Connect the Ducks, Ducks After Dark, Intersectional Events, Visual Arts, and Willamette Valley Music Festival


Event Programming

Statement of Organization Purpose

Write in your organizations reason for existence, mission statement or how you define your common purpose.

The Student Activities Board strives to provide the campus community with safe and inclusive on-campus events so as to create lasting bonds between all of those in attendance at the event, and furthermore to develop a greater sense of community upon the campus as a whole.

Organization Goals

Please list your goals and what you hope to accomplish as an organization this year. Examples: grow the membership by 50%, have 100 people attend spring event, create new committee for service projects, etc.

1. Hold an Activities fair for all SAB teams
2. Attend or support each other at one event, or more, of each team by the end of the year.
3. Host 1 activity winter term, as an SAB.

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: dances, service activities, lectures, discussion groups, meet & greets, competitions, etc.)

Lectures, Concerts, Art Gallery Openings, Film Screenings, Meet & Greets, Festivals, Socials, Discussion Groups, Information Fairs,

Membership Requirements and Process: How do people become members in the organization?

Organizations must maintain 5 or more members. Memberships must be 100% current Incidental Fee paying UO Students. Please list information about your organization's membership process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Chosen for the academic year through an application and interview process

Membership Meetings

Check the appropriate meeting schedule for your organization. This does not limit your meetings; it should reflect your average meeting schedule.

  • bi-weekly
What is the name of the UO department or program you report to?

EMU, Center for Student Invovlement

Leadership #1 Position Title

Visual Arts Chair

Leadership #1 Name

Claren Walker

Leadership #1 Email
Leadership #2 Position Title

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Leadership #2 Name

Jessica Howard

Leadership #2 Email
Advisor Name

Mandy Chong

Advisor Email
Please list your organization's Facebook page
Please list your organization's Instagram handle

Ex. @organization


Please list any common hashtags your organization uses.

#callmeaduck #goducks #sabinfofair