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Welcome to the BEseries Ducks! Please join us for our inspiring speaker series that supports you in your exploration of who you want to BE _____ ! Whether you want to BE Poet, BE Música, BE Just, BE $mart, or BE Involved we've got a speaker for you! Join our page and be the first to learn about upcoming speakers, events, and volunteer opportunities. Please also LIKE our Facebook Page:

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Who could you BE?
College is more than lectures. More than tests. More than going through the motions.It’s about finding out possibilities of who we could be and who we already are. The BE Series brings together thinkers, makers, disrupters in every field to share their ideas on issues that really matter. Innovation. Social justice. Mental Health. Music. Each talk is aimed to spark inspiration for us to go out into the world and choose who to become. Maybe come up with a plan. Discover an insight. Find out what you are capable of. We choose speakers who are challenging the status quo and inspiring us to be more.



Statement of Organization Purpose

Write in your organizations reason for existence, mission statement or how you define your common purpose.

By providing events, workshops, and mentoring sessions with inspirational speakers, the BEseries encourages students to explore and develop the interconnection of their personal, professional, and academic lives so they can succeed and thrive.

Organization Goals

Please list your goals and what you hope to accomplish as an organization.

The BEseries helps students connect the dots by fostering programmatic inclusion and interconnection; we draw on the diverse perspectives of our partners across campus and community – so everyone grows together. BEseries presenters are also our partners; we seek presenters who’s goals and accomplishments with and co-complement our efforts of student development and support. To foster long-term impact, we connect BEseries speakers to students who identify with them in small group mentoring sessions. In selecting speakers who help fill the gap in mentors, staff, and faculty from underrepresented groups we help all students thrive. We work with our academic partners to connect BEseries speakers to curriculum and set-up classroom visits. We often seek speakers who have lived in or near Oregon and know our context and are open to mentoring students and staying connected.

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: dances, service activities, lectures, discussion groups, meet & greets, competitions, etc.)

Concerts, inspirational talks, workshops, small group mentor-student Q&A sessions, Artist in Residence, evening presentations, skill clinics, classroom visits, colloquium, small group activities, community gatherings.

Membership Requirements and Process: How do people become members in the organization?

Organizations must have 5 or more members. Memberships must be 100% current Incidental Fee paying UO Students. Please list information about your organization's membership process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Members are chosen through an application and interview process.

Membership Meetings

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  • weekly
What is the name of the UO department or program you report to?

EMU - Center for Student Involvement

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Ben Kitoko

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Outreach/Marketing Coordinator

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Elexus Greene

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Suzanne Hanlon

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