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Kalam 2019 - Shabha...Ippave Kanna Kattuthe (ஷபா இப்பவே கண்ண கட்டுதே)

"Shabha...Ippave Kanna Kattuthe" is a video meme-making competition, where participants have to submit a video of up to 30 seconds, derived from a Tamil movie or Tamil advertisement. Each submission must include captions in Tamil within the video, complying to the theme of "Student Life in Singapore".

Registration Closing Date: 3rd March 2019

Submission deadline: 16th March 2019

Kalam 2019 Event date: 30th March 2019, 9am - 12pm

Refer to the Instructions Document & Sample Video for more information on the competition

Please contact Vinodan at 93289857 if you have any queries.

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