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Fin Points Submission

What are Fin Points:

Fin Points were created in order to promote collaboration, communication, and campus community. Fin Points are allocated to events/activities that promote the growth of the 5 organization competencies: Management, Foundation, Recruitment/Retention, Communication, and Engagement. Points are not awarded for individual participation or attendance in events or activities. Fin Point Allocations are given from May to May.

Fin Points Submission must be done within 10 days of the Fin Point activity. 

Ways to Gain Fin Points:

(The ones above the line are required; You do not have to submit this form in order to receive these points.)

Completed Orgsync page: 15 points

Constitution following campus template: 5 points

Having an organization advisor: 5 points

Attendance at Student Organization Leadership Retreat: 10 points

Total: 35 points 


Fin Points Based on Organization Competencies:


Attending IOC meetings: 3 pts per meeting (up to 21 points per academic term)

Host/co-host an organization event: 5 per event 

Total: 26 points 


Create/maintain a transition binder (must bring to SOuRCe Office for approval): 5 points per binder for up to 3 binders

Checking in with SGA Senators during Office hours: 2 points 

Total: 17 points 


(Note: Sharkapalooza and SEA Thursday do not need to be submitted on OrgSync as Fin Points. We already have the sign-ups to verify the tabling.)

Table at Sharkapalooza: 5 points

Tabling at SEA Thursday: 2 points each/12 points total per year

Recruitment Tabling/Events: 2 points per table/event

Summer Organization Fairs: 2 points each/ 8 points total per year

Total: 27 points 


OrgSync Training: 5 points 

Bringing a speaker to your organization meeting/event: 2 points per meeting/event

Total: 7 points 


SERV volunteer hours: 1 point per hour (for up to 30 points)

100 SERV hours: additional 5 points 

200 SERV hours: additional 10 points

500 SERV hours: additional 15 points

NSU’s Got Talent: 5 points

CommunityFest: 10 points

Early Block Painting: 5 points 

Attending sports games with 2 or more members of your organization: 2 points 

Organization members attending other organization events: 2 points

Total: 84 points 

Total possible points for the semester (not including extra opportunities): 196 points 

***If you have any question about what qualifies for Fin Points or additional ideas for Fin Points that support the 5 organization competencies, please email to get them approved.***

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