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Welcome to the Student Risk Education Committee (SREC) Orgsync portal!

The Student Risk Education Committee (SREC) was established by the PLEDGE Referendum. It was passed by students in 2009, and produced a funding source that on-campus organizations, in particular community service projects, could depend on to provide funding for liability and risk issues.

Today, SREC is a growing committee taking on various projects such as Drivers Safety Training, Youth Safety Training, Hypertension Training, Blanket Insurance, etc. The committee serves as the allocation board for projects seeking to apply for the PLEDGE Fund.

  • If you are looking for Drivers Safety Training, please refer to the "Events" tab on the right hand column.

  • If you are looking for Youth Safety Training, please go to the "Forms" page on the right hand column and submit a "Youth Safety Training Request" form.

  • If you are looking for the PLEDGE Fund Application, please look under the "Files" tab.

    • For more information, please refer to the FAQ under the Funding Application folder in the "Files" tab (left hand column -> "Files" -> "Funding Applications" folder -> FAQ).

  • If you're looking for Behind-the-Wheel vehicle training with a certified instructor, please email and cc and for more information.

Live Scan Funding Update:

Please do not set up live scans before you receive your SREC Pledge Allocation Letter. Please make sure to either reply all to the allocation email with a live scan volunteer list or provide one with your Pledge Application and reply all to the allocation email letting us know the list is still accurate. Please allow 1-2 business days after submission or confirmation of the volunteer list to allow for payment processing from SREC to UCPD.

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