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Hey guys!

Film Club welcomes any and all film buffs and majors! We watch movies, discuss them, and even make our own. We aim to create a welcoming, safe place for lovers of cinema and even those not too well-versed in them to have a fun time Friday nights. We meet Fridays at 8 pm in Miller 12!

Come on down!

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We want to bring together and create a welcoming atmosphere for students at Pace who love and appreciate film. Students interested in the media can finally be surrounded by a community who share each others' passions, work together and create film. Lastly, everyone is here to HAVE FUN! We do movie themed events, including movie trivia, riff nights and movie nights. We, as an executive board, also produce short films and have our members help and even encourage them to make them with us.



Meeting Day


Meeting Time

8:00 pm

Meeting Location

Alumni Hall Classroom 134

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