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Western Illinois University is home to the Omega Chapter of Rho Lambda Honor Society.  This is an honor society that only accepts the top 10% of women in UGC and PHC organizations on campus.  You can apply if you are a Junior or Senior standing, and have been an active member of your organization for one semester.  For more information please contact the President, Jenna Lombardo. 

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This is the primary student leader of the organization and is a required position.

Shelby Garman

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This person is responsible for scheduling in the Union. Make sure to to complete the training on your portal.

Erin Dunn

Designated Scheduler’s (1) email
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Shelby Garman

Designated Scheduler’s (2) Email
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Nick Katz

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  • Thursday
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Please upload your organization's constitution (Microsoft Word or PDF file only). The OSA requires that constitutions be updated at least EVERY 2 YEARS (date of revision must be included near the top of the document) and follow the requirements outlined in the sample constitution found at:


Please upload your organization's roster including *name*, *campus email*, and *position* (if applicable) of each officer and member of the organization