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Welcome to AASU's OrgSync portal. We are a student organization seeking to promote, celebrate, and embrace Black culture on Georgia Tech's campus through fellowship and achievement. We hope that you enjoy browsing our portal and that you find a way to connect with us that best suits your wants and needs.

Portal Information


The African American Student Union has five fundamental responsibilities: to provide a voice for black students at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to promote social and cultural awareness in the Georgia Tech community, to improve and maintain relationships between African-American students and students of other ethnic backgrounds, to provide a social and cultural outlet for its members, and to take an active part in the activities of the Institute. We go about attending to these responsibilities within the framework set forth by our eight Pillars of Unity: Self Cultural Awareness, Effective Leadership, Community Service, Scholarship, Coalition Building, Social Awareness, Political Awareness, Economic Empowerment.


Org - Cultural

Primary Student Organization Leader Position Title

Ex: President, CEO, Director


Primary Student Organization Leader

Please state the name of the primary student organization leader.

Leah Miller

Georgia Tech Email
Finance Officer Title

Please state the officer that is responsible for managing finances, even if they are an officer already listed. This information will be shared with SGA.

Ex: Treasurer, Vice-President, etc.


Finance Officer Name

Steve Nkuranga

Georgia Tech Email
Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about how students can become members. Please note this information will be public on your portal.

Membership is $20 per semester and includes a tee shirt and free admittance to all paid events such as Onyx Ball, Black Leadership Conference, and more. Membership dues are used to support the various activities of AASU.

Meeting Day

If you have not selected a day of the week to meet, or if the changes regularly, please select TBD below. Please note this information will be public on your portal.

  • Tuesday
What are three goals your organization has for this year?

This information will be on your profile. We encourage groups to think of this as a way to share what members will be working on, and what they can expect from your organization this year.

For the upcoming academic year, AASU would like to:
> Build solidarity in the community by encouraging more collaboration among black student organizations, and being more supportive and accommodating of other marginalized identities intersecting with blackness
> Continue to support the efforts of the Black Student Experience Task Force
> Encourage a stronger culture of leadership in the black community