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The Georgia Tech chapter of ESW is a student organization committed to creating a culture of sustainability within the Georgia Tech community by encouraging student-led engineering initiatives addressing regional, national, and global environmental issues. We strive to create opportunities for students to learn and become involved with related issues by inviting guest speakers from the sustainability sector to general meetings, hold technical workshops, and organize community service days. If you are interested in learning about and working to solve some of the most pressing environmental challenges that exist today, join our email list by emailing!

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ESW-GT is a non-profit organization that leads student-run projects that promote environmental, social, and economic sustainable solutions to local, national, and global problems.


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Jamie Curtis

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Jaeiza Smith

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All students are welcome to attend our workshops and general meetings, which feature guest speakers focused on sustainability in business, government, or nonprofit atmospheres (on Tuesdays at 11). If you are interested in joining a specific project, please email the project leader of the specific project you'd like to join. To learn more about our projects, join our email list or email

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  • Tuesday
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Host the ESW National Conference, continue to promote sustainability, work more with partners in Atlanta