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Recruitment Counselor Application 2019

Welcome to the Recruitment Counselor Application!

This application is for women who are interested in being a Recruitment Counselor (Pi Chi) for Fall 2019 Formal Recruitment. 

What is a Recruitment Counselor? 

A Recruitment Counselor is a woman who puts others before themselves. They are mentors, leaders, listeners and are unbiased to remain neutral for the potential new member. She puts the potential new member's...

PHC COB Recruitment Form (Spring 2019)

By completing this interest form, I hereby authorize Western Illinois University to release all grade, GPA, and disciplinary information contained in my educational record to the Office of Student Activities, my (inter)national Greek letter organization, Chapter President, Scholarship Chairs, Chapter Advisors, Chapter Executive Board, Membership Board, and IFC/PHC/UGC Presidents for the purposes of checking recruitment eligibility, awards and recognition, computing chapter academic...

Panhellenic Executive Board and Extended Application

This form is for women who are interested in applying to be a member of the Panhellenic Executive Board  and Extended Board for the 2019 calendar year. Interviews will take place from November 29th-December 1st for President and Vice Presidents. Extended board interviews will be determined once the new top 6 is chosen. A doodle will be emailed to you shortly after you finish the application (if these dates do not work for you, please contact Taylor Egerton,...

Recruitment Unity T-Shirt Quantities FL17

Please use this form to update the number of sizes for your chapter members.  Shirts will be a v-neck white unisex tee shirt.

Fill Out Form

Panhellenic Extended Executive Board Application- Greek Week, 2017-2018

This application is for women who are interested in applying for the Greek Week Chair Extended Executive Board position for the Panhellenic Council. This position would be in office for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Please contact Arianna M Nutile ( with any questions. 

Position included in this application:

Greek Week Chair

Please note the following requirements:

Minimum GPA of 2.50 (must be maintained...

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