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Recruitment Board Application 2019

Recruitment Board Requirements:

  • Availability on Monday nights at 6:15 for Council Open Meetings; must attend all open meetings. 
  • Prior experience with the Council is NOT required.
  • Love and passion for Georgia Tech, as well as the overall Greek and Panhellenic community.
  • Ability to lead and be led.

Application Process:

  • Applications are due Tuesday, January 8th at 11:59 pm via OrgSync application
  • The 2019 CPC executive board will be responsible for selecting the directors
  • Applicant interviews will take place on Sunday, January 13th and selected candidates will be notified.
  • The 2019 Recruitment Board will be announced to the community at the first open meeting (January 14th). 


What is the Recruitment Board?


  • This board will be comprised of the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Recruitment, Vice President of Recruitment Programming, Recruitment Publication Chair, Recruitment Operations Chair, and Recruitment Marketing Chair. This board will be tasked with completing all necessary activities for Panhellenic to host a successful recruitment. All members of the board shall abide by the same disassociation rules as the Panhellenic Executive Board and will assist the Executive Board during Formal Recruitment.
  • The board will meet on a Bi-Weekly basis leading up to recruitment, and once a month after recruitment.
  • The Recruitment board must attend all Recruitment Counselor meetings, Recruitment Counselor Retreat, RVP Meetings, and Open Meetings.
  • All members of the Recruitment Board will assist in the planning and execution of Recruitment Counselor Interviews, along with the CPC Executive Board.
  • There may be no more than 2 members from the same chapter on the Recruitment Board
  • Must have participated in Formal Recruitment for her sorority at least once
  • Recruitment Counselor experience is preferred but not required
  • May not recruit for your chapter or be a Recruitment Counselor if selected for a position on the Recruitment Board


Georgia Tech Collegiate Panhellenic Council Recruitment Board Position Descriptions

Recruitment Publications Chair


This woman will be in charge of creating the Guide to Greek Life in conjunction with the other councils, creating the PNM pocket guide, the Ramblin’ Recruitment Guide, and the Associate Recruitment Guide.


Recruitment Operations Chair


This woman will assist in execution of recruitment logistics, including but not limited to: the enforcement of the recruitment rules during recruitment events; complete house checks with the Executive Vice President; coordinate all training for the Operations Recruitment Counselor Committee as well as assigning appropriate roles for each committee member; assist the Executive Vice President with maintenance of paperwork related to recruitment events (RYG forms, house check forms and any other relevant paperwork); host morning Operations Committee meetings; assist any Operations Committee members in the event that they are not able to fulfill their responsibilities; assist the Executive Vice President in handling recruitment infractions.


Recruitment Marketing Chair


This woman is responsible for creating appropriate marketing materials for the Recruitment Counselor Application. This women will be responsible for coordinating all FASET marketing materials and will assist the Recruitment Vice President and Recruitment Programming Vice President with FASET presentations, and as such cannot serve as a FASET Leader. This woman shall monitor chapter social media for infractions prior to and during recruitment. This woman is required to be in Atlanta during the summer prior to recruitment.


For questions regarding roles and positions, please reach out to or 

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