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   I would like to welcome you to the revised Visual Arts Club. If your a new member now is the perfect time to see what we have to offer. If your a returning member you probably witnessed the rough times over the last couple of years. A lot of exciting changes are being made to get the art students and enthusiasts more involved. We have lots of activities ahead as we  transition into semesters. This club is about exploring the art world outside of the classroom. We take time out to help each other in developing our artistic talents. We also get involved more with the professors we have here on campus. The goal is to gain more kniowledge in the field of fine arts by creating events that center around helping the artist community. Most of what we do gives members more exposure and heightens their awareness of the contemporary art world. As a club we will work together in inhancing our personal abilities by sharing freindly experiences and beliefs to apply in everyday life. I hope, with great dedication, that we are able to influence people with our passion for creativity.    

Zach Schaffer, VAC President

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The Visual Arts Club is a group consisting of graduates and undergraduates that wish to expand their abilities in the area of Fine Arts. This group was created to help its members contribute to the development of their own artistic abilities and assist in exhibiting their work publicly. Many of us dont always get the chance to display our artwork. The Visual Arts Club is a student operated organization for people who want to share similar interests and activities relating to art. If you simply enjoy art or are very active in the Fine Arts, the Visual Arts club wants your suggestions and ideas to be considered for every event. What this means is- how much members decide to contribute of themselves is up to them, but the more each of us contributes the more each of us will benefit. All ideas and all majors are welcome.


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Fine arts building

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Zach Schaffer

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Luke Jackson

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Zachary Schaffer

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Tracy Longley-cook

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