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The Brothers of the Nu Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha welcome you to our OrgSync Page!


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The Nu Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha was founded at the Southern Institute of Technology, now known as Southern Polytechnic State University. The Nu Mu Chapter was founded on the same principles as Alpha Phi Alpha, manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind.

The founders of Nu Mu are chapter are: Larry Hardy, William Saddler, Anthony Thomas, and Ronald Thomas. These four brothers from Alpha Phi chapter, located at Clark College, now Clark Atlanta University, took it upon themselves to begin work on founding a chapter at Southern Tech. Through their diligence and hard work, Nu Mu was founded on April 2, 1977 with the crossing of our charter members, Genesis. These members are Wallace Libscomb, Michael Hill, Robert Mack, Nelson Sheats, Vernon Ford, and Delacy Jordan. The following year, one person entered Alpha Phi Alpha through the Nu Mu Chapter; his name is Gabriel Summerland, The Lonely Warrior.

During this time, a group of young men attending Georgia Tech expressed their interest in Alpha. This group was known as AIM, or Alpha Intended Men. The brothers of Nu Mu petitioned for these men attending Georgia Tech to be initiated into Alpha through the Nu Mu chapter. In the spring of 1978, approval was given to initiate Georgia Tech students Robert Herndon and Ulysses Grady, along with Southern Tech student Donnie Maddux. Thus Three the Hard Way, was born. Brothers Herndon and Grady became the first men of Alpha on the Georgia Tech campus.

Celebrating over 30 years, the Nu Mu chapter has a very rich history. Brothers from Nu Mu have not only excelled while at Georgia Tech, but also perpetually hold leadership positions in other campus organizations. After leaving Tech, Nu Mu brothers have attained Master's and Doctor's degrees in engineering and other fields. Brothers from Nu Mu also hold positions in such prominent companies as Proctor & Gamble, Ford, American Express, General Motors, and the many other companies. Leading the way in the Nu Mullennium, we look to continue to hold up the light of Alpha Phi Alpha.


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Primary Student Organization Leader

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Darrell Lewis, Jr.

Georgia Tech Email
Finance Officer Title

Please state the officer that is responsible for managing finances, even if they are an officer already listed. This information will be shared with SGA.

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Finance Officer Name

Zachary Dawson

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Selection Process/Membership Requirements

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Attends an institution where an active chapter is located (Membership is not available for individuals attending an online university that does not have a chapter seat. Membership is only available for individuals attending the school where the chapter seat is located.)
Has successfully completed one semester or two quarters of a regular year’s program
Is a full-time student taking courses leading to his first academic degree
Is in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.5 on a 4.0 grade point scale or equivalent except where the minimum grade required by the college for graduation is greater; then the minimum grade for graduation must be used for eligibility
Is of good character
Is registered to vote, if eligible and qualified
Is sponsored by a member in good standing from the chapter in which the candidate is seeking membership

Meeting Day

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  • Sunday