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We are Georgia Tech's chapter of the American Medical Student Organization. We have a vast array of opportunities that are catered to pre-health students on campus. We have mentorship, where an older pre-health student (usually in your major or pre-professional track) will guide you in your journey. We also host many volunteering opportunities as well as medical mission trips to Peru and the Dominican Republic. Most importantly we host an annual Pre-health conference in March where you have to opportunity to speak to representatives from various medical graduate programs.

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The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a student organization committed to the concerns of students who aspire to become physicians. AMSA has a national membership of over 28,000 composed of premedical and medical students, interns, and medical residents. Premedical membership is open to any student who is preparing to attend medical school. The Georgia Tech chapter of AMSA strives to provide a supportive environment for students pursuing health professions. We offer frequent guest speakers including campus pre-medical advisors, medical school admissions representatives, MCAT preparation firm representatives, current physicians, and more. AMSA also holds medically related volunteering opportunities such as MedShare, fundraising events for organizations including AID Atlanta, and multiple health awareness and professional networking events throughout the year. AMSA will also hold events pertaining to other health fields in order to expose our members to more post-graduate options.


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The registration period for new and returning members opens up at the beginning of each semester and lasts for one month. Additional registration information is available at our website:

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1. To improve our member's understanding of the medical field and what it takes to be a physician.
2. To increase availability of opportunities for interested medical students (ie. shadowing, volunteering)
3. To further growth and development of future physician through mentorship and leadership.

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