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Welcome to HyTech Racing!

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We are an award-winning electric vehicle racing team at Georgia Tech.

We participate in the annual Formula Hybrid (Electric Class) and FSAE Electric competitions which take place in Loudon, New Hampshire and Lincoln, Nebraska respectively.

Designing the car, working with a team, learning manufacturing tools and techniques, and innovating with new technologies are all part of the experience!

Our core values are Innovation, Sustainability, Education, and Excellence.


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Primary Student Organization Leader

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Nathan Cheek

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Robert Kuramshin

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Selection Process/Membership Requirements

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To become a member of HyTech Racing, join the team on OrgSync, please come to one of our meetings either on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday. Our dues are $50 / semester; once you pay dues, you will be added to the team email list, given access to the SCC building along with the team files, and be added to the team communication channel (Slack).

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Excel at our competitions
Give students valuable engineering experience
Support the school through our success