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Welcome! We are the Society of Physics Students at Wright State University. We advocate for the spreading of knowledge of the physical sciences. We aim to help all who are interested by regularly informing you of upcoming physics-related events, scholarship opportunities, research opportunities, and career and schooling advice. We also like to have regular weekly meetups to get better acquainted with one another and also have a good time. We will be meeting regularly, Wednesdays @ 6pm in the physics conference room, Fawcett Hall 242, for video game night. Tea Time will also have regular meetings, details will be coming soon on a day and time. On behalf of everyone in SPS...Welcome!

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SPS, the Society of Physics Students, is an organization which supports students to get to know each other outside of the classroom, along with professors and faculty members. SPS hosts different social events along with doing community outreach. You can also find out more information about what the physics department is up to on Facebook. Just search for WSU physics.



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Matthew Husk

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Fenton Clawson

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Richard Vanderburgh

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Taylor Nichols

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Adrienne Traxler

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Assistant Professor, Physics, CoSM