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Welcome to the Sailing Club at Georgia Tech!  If you've ever been interested in sailing, you've come to the right spot!  Our club provides opportunity to meet amazing people and create unique memories up at the lake.  The club is lucky enough to have a close relationship with the Lake Lanier Sailing Club that allows us access to one of the best sailing spots on Lake Lanier.  For more information about meetings and events, check out our Facebook page or feel free to send an email to our Executive Board at  We look forward to meeting you!

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The Sailing Club is a club for anyone that wants to go sailing.


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Wheeler Sutton

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Zoe Genet

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Undergraduate students, Graduate students, and Faculty can all become members by showing up to a meeting, or simply sending an email to our Executive Board at Alumni are welcome to sign up for our alumni mailing list, as well as accompany club members as guests to certain club events.

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  • Monday
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The Georgia Tech Sailing Club's main goal is to spread passion and enthusiasm for the sport of sailing. We plan to do this by recruiting new members no matter their sailing experience, teaching these new members how to sail, and planning fun, interactive events to increase new members' love for the sport.