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Welcome!! If you're interested in joining Georgia Tech's Quiz Bowl team, then request to join the organization on here and check out our website at

Recent announcements can also be found on the OrgSync feed.

Portal Information


A collegiate level academic team that competes around the country in classical quizbowl tournaments.


Org - Professional/Departmental

Primary Student Organization Leader Position Title

Ex: President, CEO, Director


Primary Student Organization Leader

Please state the name of the primary student organization leader.

Justin Htay

Georgia Tech Email
Finance Officer Title

Please state the officer that is responsible for managing finances, even if they are an officer already listed. This information will be shared with SGA.

Ex: Treasurer, Vice-President, etc.


Finance Officer Name

Justin Kelley

Georgia Tech Email
Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about how students can become members. Please note this information will be public on your portal.

Feel free to come by practice and drop in - we don't have any formal tryouts or anything, we're just a bunch of people having fun reading questions.

Meeting Day

If you have not selected a day of the week to meet, or if the changes regularly, please select TBD below. Please note this information will be public on your portal.

  • Monday
  • Thursday