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Welcome to the Georgia Tech Meditation Club! We are a community of students interested in learning about and practicing meditation as a way of improving our mental well-being.

The three main practices that we currently teach at our meetings are:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Heartfulness Meditation
  • Mindful Achievement

To learn more about these practices, visit our website here

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This is our schedule for Fall 2018

Day Time Location Theme
Mondays 6:30 pm DM Smith 011 General Meeting
Tuesdays 6:30 pm DM Smith 011 Mindfulness and Meditation
Wednesdays 5:00 pm DM Smith 011 Heartfulness Meditation
Thursdays 6:30 pm Klaus 2443 Mindful Achievement
Fridays 5:00 pm DM Smith 011 Heartfulness Meditation


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The purpose of the Meditation Club is to promote the well-being of Tech students, faculty, and staff through the practice of meditation. One goal includes members using meditation in order to learn more about themselves on a deeper level. We also provide students an outlet for stress while educating them on different types of meditation practices that exist.


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Jason Tsukahara

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Jason Tsukahara

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Selection Process/Membership Requirements

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The Meditation Club is open and free to any Student, Faculty, and Staff. If you want to become a Member of the Meditation Club then there is a $20 fee that goes towards supporting the club's activities.

Meeting Day

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  • Monday
What are three goals your organization has for this year?

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1. Membership recruitment and retention
2. Promotion of Meditation practices throughout the larger Georgia Tech community
3. Collaboration with other Student Organizations