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Welcome to the EWH OrgSync Page! Join our page to get updates and reminders of events and engineering service opportunities - all majors are welcome! 

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Every year, over $6.25 billion worth of medical equipment is discarded in the United States. Our mission is to bring awareness and sustainable solutions to the global inequities in health care in the developing world.

Engineering World Health organizes monthly repair sessions at the MedShare warehouse in Decatur and holds events and workshops on campus throughout the semester to bring awareness to the current state of global healthcare and to resources that will allow us to provide low-cost, innovative solutions and address the issues at hand. During the repair sessions, our members volunteer their time and engineering skills to troubleshoot and repair medical equipment donated by Atlanta hospitals. The restored medical equipment is then shipped to hospitals in countries in need. Make a world of difference!

No experience is necessary, and all majors are welcome!


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Primary Student Organization Leader

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Katherine Joseph

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Will Kamnick

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Students can become members of Engineering World Health through simply completing a membership application form and paying semester dues of $20. No experience is necessary, and all majors are welcome. Dues can be paid by cash or Venmo, and are accepted at all general meetings and events.

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This year we hope to maintain relations with MedShare and hold approximately 3 repair session each semester so that our members may gain experience with medical devices. Further, we will hold smaller scale events on campus geared towards device familiarization. We plan to hold two events at the Invention Studio, working on different medical device kits, such as heart rate monitors. Finally, we aim to improve retention rates of members between semesters.