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Dear President/Senator/Representative/Governor/Secretary - Part 1

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Sunday, Feb 26, 2017
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
UTC Library Studio, Room 305Map Location

Do you feel like your voice isn’t being heard? Do you wish your elected officials could hear how their policy directly affects you? Come to this multi-day workshop to learn how to create a personal video to tell your story. We’ll write a script, come up with a list of shots, and learn some lighting and camera work on the first day. The following week, you’ll bring in your own footage and we’ll put it all together and send the videos to YouTube. 

Script Writing and Camera Skills *This is Part 1 of the 2-part series. 

Work in pairs to develop 2-3 minute scripts in which you tell your stories to a government official of your choice. The overall goal is to make an issue which affects you directly become “real” to someone in power by putting a face to a problem. 

Once you have a rough script, you will make a storyboard and a shot list. Then we will go over some basic camera angles. Your homework before Part 2 will be to gather footage over the next week in order to edit it together into a video.

Please note: this workshop is limited to 12 people, so advance registration is recommended. 

Click here to sign up for Part 2 of this workshop series.