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NUS Modern Arts Camp (MAC) 2019 Recruitment


Modern Arts Camp (MAC) is CAC’s exposure camp event. Held in July-August 2019, participants who are interested in joining the camp can get to experience various music/dance classes and performances held by our subclubs throughout the camp. In the previous years, participants were limited to freshmen. This year, we are opening it to ANYONE who is interested in trying out the music and dances offered by our CAC subclubs, regardless of the academic year you are in. We...

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NUS Funkamania 2019 Committee Recruitment


NUS Cultural Activities Club (CAC) is looking for interested NUS Students to take on the role of being our Project Directors and Organising Committee Members for our special project Funkamania! Funkamania is an island-wide tertiary dance competition with the genre being street dance. This event would tentatively be taking place during January-February 2019. If you're hoping to take on a new leadership position and/or make new friends across faculties, sign up now! Sign-up now...

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BreakiNUS CAC+US Sign up

CAC+US 2019

IMPORTANT DATES Actual dates - 16-17 Feb Bump in - 14-15 Feb Full dress rehearsal - 9 Feb 80% vetting - 26 Jan 60% vetting - 12 Jan

Theme The theme for CAC+US 2019 is Futuristic.

Training dates Training will be conducted on Thursday and Sunday. Thursday will be 7pm-10pm, Sunday will be 4pm-7pm.  Additional practices will be subjected to the choreographers. 

Requirements 100% for all vetting dates, unless valid reasons...

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NUS Funkstyles CAC+US Sign-up

CAC+US 2019

IMPORTANT DATES Actual dates - 16-17 Feb Full dress rehearsal - 9 Feb 80% vetting - 26/27 Jan 60% vetting - 12/13 Jan 40% Video Vetting - 29 December 2018

Training dates

- Tentatively every Tues/Fri 6.30pm-10pm starting from 11 Dec onwards (For Juniors) - Tentatively every Mon/Thurs 6.30pm-10pm starting from 11 Dec onwards (For Seniors) - Additional practice subjected to choreographers

Expectations (Applicable to all...

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Tuesday, Oct 30, 7 pm
Shaw Foundation Alumni House, 11 Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119244

In Semester 1, we are holding the first of our biannual concerts: Prelude, previously known as Mini Concert or Minicon. Prelude is a ticketed performance primarily featuring our newly matriculated club members. This concert has traditionally been held in mid-October on campus. Tickets go for S$8.00 each.

The objectives of the concert are to:       

Promote cohesion and integration among members, existing and new Allow formal stage opportunities for our incoming...
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NUS BreakiNUS - BIJ Sign up Form

BreakiNUS is holding our annual BreakiNUS Internal Jam once again! This time, it will be held on 18 November at Dance Atelier 2 from 1pm - 7pm!

There will be 2 categories - Freshies 2v2 and Open Category 3v3! There is absolutely no fees for this event so feel free to join if you are interested! 

These are some clarifications:  Freshies Cat: Beginner's Sem Class, < 2 years experience, must not have won any major jams before! (Excludes: In Semester Class but...

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CAC Management Committee AY1819 nomination form

This form is to submit a student of NUS as a nominee for a position within NUS Cultural Activities Club 17th Management Committee. The main role of the MC is to manage all groups under CAC namely; Amplified, Angklung, Ballroom, BreakiNUS, CAC+US, Cultural Week, D'Hoppers, Jazzttitude, Lindy Hop, NUS Funkstyles, Resonance, Salsa, Viva LatiNUS and Voices.

The CAC MC also acts as a point of contact between its groups and all departments within NUS such as OSA, OFS, CFA and...

Ad Libitum 2018

Friday, Oct 26, 6 pm
YIH Plaza

Ad Libitum 2019: Amplifright II is NUS CAC Amplified's annual initiation concert, showcasing the new batch of musical talents, with a night of rocking good tunes! 

This event does not require an RSVP.

NUS CAC Amplified - Amplitube 2018

Friday, Mar 23, 6 pm
NUS UTown Dance Studio

AMPLITUBE - the loudest music event this semester! To all those who love a rocking good time, let us be your guide. We are back with our annual live music show; this time bigger, badder, and louder 

Also, it's FREE!  Join us on 23rd March (Friday) from 6-9pm at UTown Dance Studio

See ya!

This event does not require an RSVP.

Vocal Obsession VIII: Showtime

Sunday, Jun 10, 7:30 pm
University Cultural Centre

NUS Resonance is back this summer with Vocal Obsession VIII: Showtime! This time, it's not just about the lights, camera and action. We will be bringing to you an exciting array of performances—from all-time favorites to the latest hits—all with no instruments, no limits, pure a cappella. That's right pitches, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets NOW!

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Thank GIG It's Friday (TGIF)

Friday, Apr 6, 3 pm
Central Forum (Week 3), U Town SRC Foyer (Week 4, 6, 8, 11)

TGIF is a Voices event, where we showcase acoustic performances, as a breath of fresh air beyond our bi-annual concerts. We will be hosting TGIF on Fridays, Week 3 at Central Forum, and on Week 4, 6, 8, 11 at U-Town SRC Foyer.

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NUS VivaLatiNUS, VIVAmente 2018 Masterclass and Social Night

Join us for a day of laughter, friendship and fun during our second cycle of VIVA dance camp! VIVAmente 2018 will be held on 6th January 2018 at Dance Atelier 2 (Stephen Riady Centre, NUS University Town). We hope to see you soon! 

VIVAmente 2018

Jan 5 - Jan 7
NUS Dance Studio/ DA2



Continuing the success of the first Viva Camp that was held in 2017, the second Viva Camp will take place in NUS at the beginning of 2018. Both current and alumni members of Viva LatiNUS will be involved in the journey of growth and development in Latin dance. In this cycle of Viva Camp, we are expecting a size of 60 to 70 camp participants in total.

Viva Camp will consist of three main components, namely Internal Practice, Workshops and Social Night. Internal...

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Limited spaces available

Prelude 2017

Friday, Nov 3, 7 pm
Shaw Foundation Alumni House (SFAH)

CAC Voices was formed in 1999, primarily gathering Mandopop enthusiasts who have a passion for singing and wish to further hone their craft. Together with our group of talented instrumentalists, Voices has put up many performances both on and off campus and has established itself to be more than just another singing club. While Voices holds its focus on Chinese pop, members are given the opportunity to experiment with songs from different genres and languages (think: English, Korean) in...

This event does not require an RSVP.

Thank GIG It's Friday (TGIF) 2017

Friday, Oct 20, 2 pm
Central Forum; U Town Foyer

TGIF'17 is a pop up acoustic performance organised by NUS CAC Voices, where members perform a variety of Chinese songs.

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NUS CAC Cultural Week 2017 (Bazaar/ Carnival)

Jan 11 - Jan 20
NUS UTown Town Plaza and NUS Central Forum

About A special project under NUS Students' Cultural Activities Club (CAC), one of the biggest four non-faculty clubs in NUS and a constituent club of NUS Students' Union (NUSSU). It is the largest annual student-run mixed cultural arts event in NUS, which comprises two bazaars as well as a plethora of performances/ freestyle showcases by the eleven dance and music sub-clubs of CAC! First held in 2007, the Cultural Week has been a huge success in the past years in promoting the various...

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NUS CAC + US 2017 (Joint Dance and Music Concert)

Friday, Feb 5, 7 pm
NUS University Cultural Centre Hall

Organized by NUS Students' Cultural Activities Club (NUS CAC), CAC+US concert is the largest student-run cultural performance in NUS. Aimed at showcasing the talents of its 11 sub-clubs, CAC+US creates a platform upon which both traditional and modern performing arts are staged and strives to inculcate a sense of appreciation for culture in both the student body and the general public. Furthermore, the concert allows us to foster greater unity among the NUS students by taking pride in...

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