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Love Export X Organising Committee Recruitment

Thank you for expressing interest in signing up for Love Export X! Love Export is in it’s 10th edition this year (2019) and we would be embarking on a trip to Laos, Xaysomboun Village. Tried finding this village online to no avail? That’s because several villages have recently relocated to this huge village and hence, it’s not online yet. 

For this year’s edition, we would be sharing teaching knowledge and practices in the English Language with local primary and secondary school teachers. Why Xaysomboun? Why English? Prior to 2002, French was taught as a compulsory language in local schools in Laos. It was only after 2002 that the English language was introduced. As such, local English education infrastructure is far from developed. 

Thus, it’s important for us to share our knowledge and experiences in English with local teachers and work closely with them to construct a scalable education model that can facilitate long-term English learning as well as prepare the ground to lay down more sustainable frameworks in the future. Besides basic English education, we will also be focusing on digital literacy, where we hope to build the digital infrastructure for the village to allow teachers to use digital methods to educate the students.

Sounds interesting? Join us on our adventure this June!

Project Period: February – June 2019
Trip duration and tentative dates: 2 weeks, 2nd & 3rd week of June

Roles and Responsibilities available:
1.    General Secretary
The General Secretary of Love Export would mainly handle the minutes for meetings and the recording of members’ details. The General Secretary also acts as liaison and communication officer for the project directors.

2.    Finance Head/Assistant 
The Finance team of Love Export would handle all the finances of the project, including the collection and returning of all funds and receipts (reimbursement from grant) required for the trip.

3.    Programmes Head/Assistant 
The Programmes team of Love Export would plan out the itinerary and the scope of educational materials required to effectively meet the goals of the trip: enhance English language ability and digital literacy skills of both teachers and students in the village. As the head/assistant , you will have to manage the timeline, delegate work to the rest of the team and be the POC to the Logistics Head, so as to ensure equipment required are available. 

4.    Marketing Head/Assistant 
The Marketing team of Love Export would look at finding sponsorship in terms of product/monetary. Some products required from sponsors include: Wifi, laptops, projectors, screens, visualiser, computers. Other products include: Water filters. 

5.    Public Relations Head/Assistant
The Public Relations team of Love Export would look at promoting the project among the NUS community, beyond just raising public awareness of the students and their education conditions in Xaysomboun Village. Greater awareness and understanding of local conditions are also meant to reduce the stereotypes that the public have of Laos. As part of the Public Relations team, you should be either proficient in/or inhabit a passion for writing or photography/videography, or both. 

6.    Logistics Head/Assistant 
The Logistics team of Love Export would manage the equipment and materials required for the project as well as to gather all sponsorship products as liaised by the marketing team. As the Logistics head, you would be the POC to most other cell heads in the OC.

7.    Chief Safety Officer
The Chief Safety Officer of Love Export would manage the safety of the members before and during the project. Safety officers are to be equipped with first aid skills or be willing to learn and get the first aid certificate while being in the team. 

8.    Volunteer Management Head
The volunteer management team would ensure that the team stays bonded through games and activities that would allow the members to understand each other better – before and after the project. 

9.    Volunteer Welfare Head
The volunteer welfare team would take care of the nutritional aspect of all members – including meals and drinking of water. The team would have to ensure that the welfare of the students is met at all times.

 If you have any queries, please direct them to

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