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Welcome to NUS Law Club!

Portal Information


The NUS Students’ Law Club is a constituent club of NUS Students’ Union and is made up of the law undergraduate, graduate and masters students in NUS. Together with its 6 subsidiary clubs, Law Club strives to improve student welfare and promote an inclusive and vibrant school culture. Law Club also represents the voice of its members, and communicates to NUSSU and the school administration the needs of the students.


Academic - Law

Organisation Objective(s)

Please list your objectives for the next year.

The 39th Management Committee’s vision is to build a warmer NUS Law Community.

Exciting initiatives that students can look forward to include the Annual Law-Med Challenge, upgrades to the student lounge and other chill-out events. We also seek to collaborate with the other sub-clubs in school to provide a comprehensive list of activities to cater to the various needs and interests of the student body. Reaching out to the student population is also of paramount importance to us. Through our various feedback channels we seek to better understand their needs and adequately represent their views in the school!

In our short 1-year term, we hope to help make NUS Law the place to be.

Meeting Location

Law Club Room

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: social, service, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

Sport Events
Along with various partners within and outside the University, the Law Club Management Committee ("MC") jointly organises a plethora of sporting events which stretch across more than 20 different sporting disciplines. At present, major events include the Inter-Faculty Games (with various Faculties of NUS), the Law-Med Games (with the NUS School of Medicine), the Law Fraternity Games (with the Law Society of Singapore and the SMU School of Law), the Law Beach Games (with the SMU School of Law), as well as the Lounge Games (Inter-batch internal event).

Ground-Up Initiatives
To enhance campus vibrancy, the Law Club MC invites its student body to write in and propose the organisation of ad-hoc events which serve to bolster student welfare, impart new skills, or expose students to a particular cause or issue. Successful applicants receive financial and logistical support from the Law Club MC.

Welfare & Cohesion Events
To provide students with the occasional much-needed respite from lectures and tutorials, cohesion events are organised at the Faculty-wide level, and at the batch level as well. On top of the provision of scrumptious meals, activities at these cohesions include movie screenings, booth games and student concerts.

Law Careers Fair
To expose its students to a variety of career opportunities, the Law Club MC invites law firms, governmental organisations, and private corporations to participate in a one-day career fair. Apart from conversing with students at the designated booths, participating bodies also have the option of hosting a seminar or a talk on any topic of choice.

Open Day
To provide prospective students with a glimpse of life as a student at the NUS Faculty of Law, informative booths, mock trials, guided tours and interactive talks are organised, showcasing the academic and extra-curricular opportunities available.

Welfare Pack Giveaways
(Once per Semester, before the final examinations - October & April)
In collaboration with the NUS Students Union, the Law Club would assemble and distribute welfare packs containing stationery, consumables, health supplements, and various coupons and vouchers to the student body.