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Welcome to King Edward VII Hall! Our Home away from Home :)

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Established in 1916
Hall Motto: To Strive, To Seek, To Serve


Hall of Residence

Organisation Mission/Vision/Values

To Strive. To Seek. To Serve.

The motto “To strive, To seek, To serve” embodies the philosophy of KEVII Hall.

TO STRIVE: To attempt great things “for God and country” has been the battle cry of soldiers and the catalyst that drove sailors like Columbus and Magellan to seek new worlds. Striving for excellence in purposeful achievement is not learnt overnight. It requires discipline, grit and a measure of toughness. The experience of exerting oneself against stiff odds in field and forum is worthwhile even if the limits of endurance are stretched to the extent of numbness. It cannot but breed the qualities of patience, endurance and courage.

TO SEEK: The true university spirit encourages the students to develop an “insatiable curiosity”. In this age of science and technology, every student and graduate has a duty to contribute to the store of knowledge he receives from past generations. In the Hall, the intermingling of the Fellows and students of the varied discipline should give opportunities for dialogue, discussion and debate on the quest of the ‘Why’ and ‘How’.

TO SERVE: A developing nation needs a core of national builders, dedicated and skilled with a capacity for hard work. Whether the service is scientific research, general practice or the civil service, should not matter; it is the quality of service that counts. Ample opportunities exist in the Hall to develop the sense of community service and individual obligation. “To serve and not to be served” is a challenge calling for utter dedication and selfless service. The response cannot come from without but from within the person.

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