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56th NUSMS Spiritual Oasis Project & Secondary Logistics Committee Sign Up

Assalamualaikum all,

The Spiritual Oasis Project (SOP) aims to work on the Maintenance and Upgrading of the musollahs in campus, as a continuation of the Musollah Crew initiative. It is a step further in caring for and preserving our musollah for it to be a conducive environment for all of us to seek respite in. Some tasks may include bi-weekly quality checks to tidy up the musollahs, mass musollah clean up and generating new ideas to improve and beautify the musollahs. 

The Secondary Logistics Committee (LOGS) serves to aid in the logistical responsibilities during NUSMS Ad-Hoc, GUIs and Exco-Lead events throughout the year. Some tasks may include the transportation of logistics across various locations and the sourcing of items and equipment with external vendors. This committee is definitely essential in the execution and success of our events. 

If you wish to be part of the SOP or LOGS committee, do sign up now! 😊

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