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PBUH Fundraising: Totebags Pre-order

I cut the pattern of this sandal for one of my students. He came to me one day and said: "I saw a wonder yesterday from the blessing of this sandal. My wife was suffering from a pain which almost took her life. I placed the sandal on the spot of her pain and said: O Allah, show me the blessing of the owner of this sandal. Allah cured her on the spot." - (Extract from Al-Mawahib Al-laduniyya by al-Qastallani)

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb everyone! ✨

We’re kick starting the year with some exciting (and exclusive) merchandise sales!

In Arabic, the Holy Prophet’s sandal is known a Na’al. The Na’layn are the blessed sandals of the Messenger which were worn by him during his life. The companions of Rasulullah used to seek blessings (tabarruk) from the things he used to wear, touch and use. In the same case with the Na’al, the benefits one can be blessed with by keeping and honouring ourselves with a copy of the sacred Na’layn – not the actual or original Blessed sandal of our Messenger but a cut-out paper copy or something similar. With the new semester around the corner, we have decided to print the Blessed Sandal onto these A4 cotton tote bags suitable for lighter school days (or even a casual day out!) yet will be heavy on the barakah, inshaAllah. Each print has been exclusively designed by our team of talented in-house designers and will retail for only $15 each!

In collaboration with talented calligraphy artist Sis Farzana of @paintbypaint, we’re thrilled to offer personalised name calligraphy in Arabic,  handpainted on the na’al tote bag of your choice at an additional cost of ONLY $2.50! Choose from 3 ravishing na’al prints and put your name on it!

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