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Welcome to the NUS Muslim Society (NUSMS) Portal!

NUSMS was established back in the 1960s to provide a platform for both undergraduates and graduates to engage in activities that serve the Muslim community in campus and the nation in general.

General enquiries (musollahs, halal food, NUS-related matters) can be directed to
NUSMS is registered with the Registry of Societies of Singapore ( It is formed by students of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is a self-governing body. 

NUS Muslim Society is not part of the legal entity of NUS. It does not represent NUS and cannot act or make any representation on its behalf.

Any views or activities of NUS Muslim Society are solely those of the society and its members. They do not necessarily represent the position of NUS. The activities and views of NUS Muslim Society are the sole responsibilities of the society and of its members.

Portal Information


The National University of Singapore Muslim Society (NUSMS) was established in 1963 to provide a platform for both undergraduates and graduates to engage in activities that serve the Muslim community in campus and the nation in general.

Our five strategic thrusts, which are social integration, religious development, academic innovation, inter-religious understanding and community engagement, allow the society to use these as a basis in engaging individuals through our events and activities. The society’s main function is to see to its members’ welfare and continuously provide an avenue for them to take on leadership roles during their term of study in NUS.



Organisation Mission/Vision

Vision: Towards a God-conscious society
Mission: The development of an academic innovator and devoted Muslim individual, responsible for the establishment of a just and prosperous society blessed by Allah SWT.

Organisation Objective(s)

Please list your objectives for the next year.

Theme: The 'I' in Society

- Uplift yourself to uplift our society
By uplifting ourselves, we build strong connections to the people and the communities around us, we think critically and explore different perspectives to social issues, and strengthen our connection to Allah and Rasulullah ‎ﷺ, having God-consciousness (Taqwa) in all that we do. These will allow us to better serve and raise the ranks of society, Insyaa'Allah.

- Uplift our society to uplift yourself
In uplifting society, we look at issues critically and contribute to more tangible and sustainable efforts beyond self-development. By planning initiatives for the community and volunteering, as well as spreading good in society, we will equip ourselves with valuable experiences, pick up new skills, make meaningful connections and get closer to Allah s.w.t. Insyaa'Allah. By serving the community, not only will we improve ourselves as individuals, but Allah s.w.t will also open His Doors of Mercy and shower society with it, blessing the people and bringing them closer to Him.

The “I” is outstanding in the word “socIety” because that is who we should strive to be - outstanding individuals in the eyes of Allah s.w.t, who continuously seek increased closeness to Allah s.w.t. through uplifting themselves and society.

Selection Process/ Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organisation's selection process and include membership requirements.

All Muslims in NUS are, by virtue of their religion, members of NUSMS and are entitled to the services of the Society.

Members of the Society include: any Muslim undergraduate, post-graduate or staff of the National University of Singapore (NUS), hereinafter referred to as the ‘members’.

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: social, service, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)