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We are a student organization at University of Louisiana at Lafayette whose mission is to work together to help eliminate barriers that students with disabilities must surmount in order to obtain their fullest physical, mental, social, vocational, and economic potential. We believe that disabilities aren't as much about being DIS-abled as much as DIFFERENTLY abled. 
We are also a non-profit fund-raising organization!
All proceeds of the Beacon fundraising activities go to the support of UL's Office of Disability Services help defray the high cost of specialized equipment and services that assist individuals with disabilities in reaching their academic potential.
If you are interested in helping students with disabilities, or if you are a student with a disability, then this is the organization for you! We are passionate about starting the conversation that will allow us all to come together despite our differences, because Inclusion is within EVERYONE's ability!

Click around, stay a while, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions! 

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The Beacon Club is open to ALL students interested in promoting disability awareness on and around the UL Lafayette campus. Disabilities can range from emotional, physical, learning, ADHD, Asperger's, etc. We advocate for others, promoting the idea that disabilities don't mean "disabled," but "differently abled" and it is within everyone's ability to be inclusive! Advocating for yourself, others, and training others on how to advocate for themselves is a large part of our mission; however, the organization is open to all students not just those who have a disability. We are also a nonprofit organization that provides funding for the Office of Disabilities Services in order to obtain equipment to help students with disabilities.


Special Interest

President Name

Claire Carriere

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On-Campus Advisor Name

Dr. Carol Landry

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  • Tuesday
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5:00 AM

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Student Union

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