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Hello and welcome to ITSA's OrgSync Page! 

ITSA meets biweekly on Mondays at 5:00 PM.

For more information on when those meetings are, visit the events tab and check out our Facebook page

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The purpose of ITSA shall be to build networking among students interested in information technology, keep up on technology trends, increase awareness, encourage involvement, and leadership



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Meeting Day
  • Monday
Meeting Time

6:30 PM

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Meeting Location

Dyer Complex Room 160

Selection Process/Membership Requirements:

Please check all that apply about the organization's selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

  • Open Organization (Anyone can join)
President Name

Jacob Wilson

President Contact Email
Treasurer Name

Eli Garcia

Treasurer Email Address
Vice President Name

Nikhil Sinha

Secretary Name

Noah Peterson

What is the primary purpose of your organization?

This can be taken directly from your constitution's "purpose/mission statement"

The purpose of the Information Technology Student Association (ITSA) shall be to build networking among students interested in information technology, promote currency in technology trends, increase awareness of technology, encourage involvement and leadership in the department and profession, and provide service to the department and community.

Describe a general meeting that your organization will hold.

Most meetings for the Information Technology Student Association will involve some type of speaker or activity in the realm of Information Technology.
Speakers will present on a technical topic, provide career information, or teach a new topic to members. Projects will be technology based to help
with member development and serve the UC community.

Constitution and Bylaws Upload

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If you need to view a sample constitution and bylaws, please use this link:

Does your organization charge membership dues?


Is your organization primarily serving undergraduate students, graduate students, or a mix of the two?

Mix of both

Advisor Name

Rebekah Michael

Advisor's University Email