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ISACA Student Group (ISRG) is for all graduate or undergraduate students from any major who are looking for a career in Information Technology Governance, Risk Management, IS audit, Security, Control, Assurance and Cybersecurity. But if you haven't decided the career path for you, we will introduce you to various career paths in the field of IT that students are not aware but the industry is looking out for professionals.

For students benefits,we will bring industry professionals on campus talking about latest technological advances in these fields. Being a part of the association, you will get an opportunity for various networking events on and off campus.

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ISACA Student Group (ISRG) is for graduate and undergraduate students who are looking for a career in IT Audit, IT Governance, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, IS Audit, Security, Control & Assurance. It works to:
• To promote awareness in these fields this can help students to plan their career in these fields.
• To provide networking opportunities for students aspiring for a career in these fields.
• This club is affiliated to ISACA which is a global governing organizations for this industry.
• To introduce students to new technological advances with professional talks (Small Talks)/seminars and workshops. Speakers will be ISACA members who are currently serving the industry at senior designations.
• To provide a platform for students to publish whitepapers, articles, best practices, challenges and frameworks in these areas.
• To introduce students to professional organizations like ISACA and their certifications and guide them for networking opportunities in the industry.
• To guide students in pursuing professional certifications in this industry.



Organization alias email

ISACA Student Group

Meeting Day


Meeting Time

2 - 2:30 pm

Meeting Location

Advisors Office

President Name

Milind Chaudhari

Treasurer Name

Amit Kumar

Vice President Name

Parth Soni

Secretary Name

Gaurang Patil

Webmaster Name

Swmya Donekal

Advisor Name

Paul Rohmeyer

Advisor Email
Advisor Phone


Advisor School Title

Industry Associate Professor

Election Process

Please describe the election for officers timeframe.

Selections will be conducted every semester in months of May and November for successive semesters. In this scenario, students nominating themselves should have at least 1 semester left at Stevens and should be enrolled as fultime student.

Nomination Procedure:
• Any graduate student currently enrolled at Stevens Institute of Technology as a full-time student can nominate self.
• Nominated students should have actively participated in past events of ISACA
• Nominated students should also be a student member of ISACA for minimum one semester.
• Nominated students will have to apply via online nomination form with their resume and 100-200 words essay on why they want to stand for this position.
• Each nominee shall be evaluated based on academic performance, past work experience, current engagements in the relevant industry, participation in ISACA events and level of commitment by the Academic Advisor.
• If the nominees meet the requirements mentioned above they will be eligible to participate in the interviews.
• There will be in-person interviews. Nominee's academic performance, past work experience, current engagements in the relevant industry, participation in ISACA events and level of commitment will play a major role in judging the nominees.
• Once selected, the students will have to be a student member of ISACA.

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