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Hello fellow history lovers!

Thank you for your interest in HGSA! We have already kicked off this year with our first meeting which was held on September 11. If you missed it, don't worry. We have a few things going on that you may be interested in. 

1) If you're thinking about applying to graduate school (for a MA or PhD program), we have an amazing workshop that you ARE GOING to want to attend. Dr. Dabel will be presenting one of her famous "how to" presentations that will break down the application process to something less daunting and scary. Dr. Luhr, our amazing HGSA faculty advisor, and Professor Gomer will also be there to answer your questions and impart their wisdom on this unnerving process. Don't miss out! The event will be held on

October 5th in FO-2 Room 101-A (AKA the history conference room) @ 12:30pm

2) We are continuously seeking your input on our other upcoming events. They're currently in the planning stages, but if you have any ideas about our annual conference or propositions for speaker panels and presentations, PLEASE be sure to come out for our next meeting on October 2nd. It may be the last chance to get in on some of these events at the ground level.

Now, we know it is the beginning of the year and, especially for our new MA students, we're all trying to get back into the swing of things; however, we hope you all understand that HGSA is an organization that is here to help support you in your graduate career at CSULB. Please feel free to ask us any questions, talk to us about your ideas, and, most importantly, don't be afraid to come in for our meetings (even if you're a bit late). 

We are SO excited about what we have planned for this year; come and be a part of it! 

We'll see you there! And welcome to HGSA!

~Your friendly HGSA Board

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HGSA is a student organization for CSULB graduate students in the Department of History. HGSA promotes the historical discipline through excellence in scholarship, establishment of a peer community, and active engagement in historical professional practices.


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