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Organization Overview

The primary purpose of Freethought WSU is to provide an on-campus community for secular students. We define secular people as those who live unbound by religion and spiritualism, and instead use reason, logic, and empiricism as tools to define meaning and truth. Our hope is that, through gathering atheists, agnostics, brights, humanists, and the generally non-religious/ non-spiritual together, we can add to the meaning and fulfillment of our members lives, as well as improve the public image of secularism through a positive witness of our values. We will also provide a community service outlet for those seeking it without religious affiliation.

Category Special Interest
Keywords critical thinking, atheism, agnostic, atheist, agnosticism, secular, humanism
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Oelman Hall, room 132

President's Name

Andrew Schulte

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Treasurer's Name

Jasmine McMillian

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Julianna McMillian

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Thomas Kesler

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Erik Banks

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Associate Professor, Philosophy