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Stephen J Redfern
Sep 24, 2017

2017 Australian Uni Games are here - competition details!

Sep 24, 2017 by Stephen J Redfern

It is with great pleasure that we announce the line-up taking on universities from around the nation this week during the 25th, and final, annual Australian Uni Games on the Gold Coast.

Pulling together under the one banner of Griffith University, both Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses join forces to take on the best from around Australia in a week long event. We'll be playing a total of eight round games and one final throughout the week and would love your support and banter at the field (Surfers Paradise Baseball Club, Sir Bruce Small Park, St Kevins Ave, Benowa).

In alphabetical order, we have our 14 players accompanied by two officials joining us for the week to help keep the squad in line.

Scott Cronan (13)
Jason Goddard (7)
Ben Grant (42)
Scott Hillier (6)
Aiden Irvine (16)
Joshua Latter (18)
Jay Myers (29)
Paul Raithby (00)
Stephen Redfern (69)
Thomas Rees (36)
Kolyn Schane (10)
Brody Seignior (20)
Ned Somerville (77)
Tom West (44)

Manager: Matthew Glasson
Scorer: Chloe Ryan

Our above roster contains over 100 years of combined experience on the field, with varying efforts in club, state, national, college ball, and international representation.

All the best to our team for 2017! See you at the field <3