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Stephen J Redfern
Mar 5, 2017

First Uni Bar Raffle of 2017!

Mar 5, 2017 by Stephen J Redfern

Every Friday afternoon at GUGC Uni Bar there are Student Guild funded raffles to help support the clubs on campus. Prizes range from meat and chicken trays, IGA grocery bags, a slab of XXXX and even some $50 Sin City vouchers!

Madonna and Snowball hit the tables on the 3rd March for the first raffle of 2017. A slow start didn't sway our execs away from the end goal as this is usually pretty common. In the final 20 minutes however, the buying frenzy took over and the club managed to raise $217.90!

Noteworthy mentions to the first booth from the stage claiming THREE meat trays and a grocery bag, Snowballs misunderstanding of how numbered raffle tickets work giving us the extra motivation to sell them ALL and finally; Madonna's shameless twerking to help get a ticket sale.

A great start to the year and look forward to many more fundraising opportunities to come!