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Welcome to the DU Dems, the University of Denver's official Young Democrats group. Working on advocacy, student involvement, and sociopolitical issues, the DU Dems are one of the most active organizations on campus!

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Over this past year, the University of Denver Democrats have done extraordinary things within the DU community. First, leading up to the mid-term debate our organization helped coordinate with state and national elections within the Democratic Party. Our organization has accomplished this through; canvassing for both, nation and other local races, meeting with internationally recognized journalists,and lastly, hosted events on campus that raised awareness about the election, its importance, as well as, other political issues.

Every quarter we hold a debate with the College Republicans, to spread awareness about political issues pertaining to college students. In the past, these debates have been concerning, taxes, gun rights, immigration and our one this quarter foreign policy. These debates are great because, it allows both clubs to explain what their party’s platforms are and try to engage in an honorable public discourse. The later part is extremely important, most college students only see the dysfunction is Washington. However, if they see these two clubs about interacting in respectful debate, students will want to get more involved. Further, this educates the DU community on issues that are relevant to this country and more importantly their every day lives. Overall, our organization has done a lot over this past year. These activities have contributed to our growth, which we hope to further that next year by hosting more events that get the DU community involved with politics on a local and national level.



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Sturm 287

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Co-president Bailey Harris

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Secretary Katy Constantinides

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Keith Gehring

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Teaching Assistant Professor at the University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies .

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We are a student-run political organization dedicated to promoting student involvement in politics. As an organization, we encourage opening up political discussion and debate. We uphold democratic values and encourage efforts to elect Democratic political officials, lobby for and pass Democratic legislation, and inspire relationships between fellow Democrats. The University of Denver College Democrats is a chapter of the College Democrats of America, the official youth branch of the Democratic National Committee.

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