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Mark E Baker
Apr 5, 2017

EVENT | Man Enough: Masculinity and Today's College Men

Apr 5, 2017 by Mark E Baker

Wednesday, Apr. 12 - 7:00 PM
Student Center, Auditorium

"America is worried about young men. 

Colleges are particularly concerned and use words such as problemlost and crisis to describe their challenges.  They are troubled by men’s bad behavior, their rates of success and the shortfall of positive male role models on campus.

This program addresses the relationships men face with society, women, family, other men and, most-importantly, themselves.  Through the investigation of many of the assumptions about college men, and how these assumptions are developed and acted out each day, Casey challenges men to create a new standard. Being “man enough” is about having the strength and capacity to be authentic, reliable, humble and kind but also being able to help other men live up to these greater expectations.

Man Enough is the beginning of a discussion.  Casey J. Cornelius, a leading voice for student success, has committed himself to the cause of creating a dialogue on campus and beyond around the need for a new form of masculinity and college men."

Light refreshments following the program.