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Brent C Pendergraft commented on the event TTSC Give Back at Texas Pressed

TTSC Give Back at Texas Pressed

Thursday, Nov 3, All Day
Tully's Corner/Texas Pressed Sandwich Pit -1025 University Ave. (806)368-6094

Support The Tech Survivalist Club in the tastiest way possible, delicious sandwiches from Texas Pressed Sandwich Pit (beside Tully's Corner Store). Mention the club all day Thursday the 3rd when you order the only sandwiches you'll want ever again. Proceeds help our organization get up and running.

But get this, 1600 (4pm) we'll be sitting down for the "Get Wrecked" challenge. Gastronauts, RSVP for one of the limited spots, and message your sandwich pick. Finish and get a $20 gift...

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Limited spaces available


Benjamin Paul

Only RSVP if you're competing at 4pm in the "Get Wrecked" Challenge. Anyone else, come by anytime!

Benjamin Paul

Remember if you rsvp here, say what sandwich you want. I'm going classic Ruben. I'll even add mayo. Hope they have a defibrillator handy!

Brent C Pendergraft

I will have the turkey avocado

Rally at Roosters

Saturday, Nov 19, 5 pm
Roosters Food Truck Yard- Main and Ave.O with plenty of parking

It's finally here! This is the the first ever event for The Tech Survivalist Club. BBQ, Burgers, Beer, Bands, Bonfires, as well as games, contests, demonstrations, and prizes! 

This will also be a fundraiser, so attendance is encouraged for members, future members, and nonmembers alike. Entry is $20, and can be applied to membership dues which comes with a t-shirt. November 19th at 1700, that last Saturday before everyone leaves for Thanksgiving. 

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Limited spaces available

Maxine Hernandez commented on the event Bug Out Bag Workshop with UMI

Bug Out Bag Workshop with UMI

Friday, Apr 15, 6 pm
MCOM 075
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Maxine Hernandez

Everyone had a blast at this workshop! It was very informative, and engaging. The members enjoyed learning about the different items they could use to make their own bug out bag at home, and also enjoyed being able to try on the bug out bag used in the demonstration. It was great overall and we hope to be able to collaborate again for more workshops to come!