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You've reached the Freethinkers orgsync page. If you are interested in science literacy, the relationship between science and politics, and/or secularism, you've come to the right place!

We've recently had 3/4 of the leadership graduate, so we are looking for students interested in joining the leadership! Please note that joining the leadership does not imply any minimum time commitment and is open ended. You can be involved to whatever extent you'd like to be involved. For example, you can propose and execute propaganda (the good kind) campaigns, write statements on behalf of the group, coordinate with other similarly oriented organizations in Portland, plan events, or any combination of those! We can also function as a platform for those looking to enter the secular/scientific activist universe, by giving you opportunities to network with people and present your thoughts to the public (we will gladly host your presentation or speech).

For those who are looking for less involvement, but are still interested in the topics we care most about, have no fear---no involvement is required. Rather than holding regular meetings for members, we schedule events for members to go to, like lectures, speeches, conferences, debates, etc, so stay in touch (on this site and on Facebook, for good measure). Meetings are only necessary for those who want a leadership role. 

Marko Balogh

President, Freethinkers of Portland State University

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The Freethinkers of Portland State University are committed to the promotion of honest, open inquiry and to the resistance of all forms of dogma in human affairs, insofar as these efforts contribute to a broader goal of improving the conditions of humanity.



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We have open membership. We especially encourage those who are particularly passionate about science literacy and secularism to join the leadership to contribute to campaigns and event planning.

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