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Welcome to The Freethinkers of PSU Orgsync page!

Here you will find more information about our group, our meeting times, and other events.  
Our contact information is available on here as well.

Our weekly meetings are full of friendly discussion and critical inquiry. We host excellent speakers, debates, parties, trivia, and other fun events on and off campus. We are an SSA affiliated group, CFI on campus affiliate, and a member of the Secular Coalition of Oregon.  We also work with other groups in Portland such as The Center for Inquiry, Humanists of Greater Portland, and Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Be sure to check the calendar, our regular meetings tend to jump around a bit.

Club Officers

Addie Lass    
Nicholas Babson   
Marko Balogh  
James Funston 
Rachael Black

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The Freethinkers of PSU are a student group that promotes secularism and free thought on campus. We work to provide a space for secular students to connect with each other, learn critical thinking skills, and affect change on campus. Our mission statement: "The Freethinkers of Portland State University are committed to the promotion of honest and open inquiry and to the resistance of all forms of dogma in human affairs, insofar as these efforts contribute to a broader goal of improving the conditions of humanity. "



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