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You've reached the Freethinkers orgsync page. If you are interested in pushing back against the regressive left, advocating for science literacy, the relationship between science and politics, and/or secularism, you've come to the right place!


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The Freethinkers of Portland State University are committed to the promotion of honest, open inquiry and to the resistance of all forms of dogma in human affairs, insofar as these efforts contribute to a broader goal of improving the conditions of humanity.



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Student Organization- SALP

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If you are a new group, you will be given a Portland State e-mail for your organization. This is the primary e-mail for your group.

Membership Criteria

If your group has a selective membership process, please describe it here.

We have open membership. We especially encourage those who are particularly passionate about science literacy and secularism to join the leadership to contribute to campaigns and event planning.

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