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Welcome to the Community Building and Social Change Fellows Program page.  The CBSC Fellows Program is an intense year-long program for undergraduates enrolled at Emory University.  The program includes 9 credits of coursework and a full time ten week summer practicum.  There is a two-step application process, with the first being application to the Fall CBSC Course (370A POLS/SOC/ENVS/CBSC) which serves as the prerequisite for application to the spring/summer terms of the full program.  Applications are available mid to late February with a deadline in March and decisions made by early April.  

Only students enrolled in or having completed this fall course may apply for the spring and summer terms of the program, which must be done together and without a break as the spring term is spent building a plan for the summer project implementation.  You may take the fall course and opt to wait until a future year, if still enrolled as an undergraduate student at Emory, to apply for the spring/summer section of the program.  Students must be a sophomore through a senior in the semester they take the fall prerequisite course and can complete the spring/summer terms through their final spring semester as an Emory undergraduate student.  

Both the coursework and hands-on portions of the CBSC Fellows Program are challenging.  It is often likened to a graduate level public policy experience, with rigorous course material and projects that operate in real-world settings that can provide obstacles both expected and unexpected.  Projects are developed by the CBSC leadership and are not student-generated projects.  A typical CBSC project includes elements of research, community engagement or outreach, program evaluation or planning and writing.  Final products of each project differ based on the goal(s) of the particular partner, but always include a public presentation of the work and a written report by the CBSC team.  Students work in teams ranging from 2 to 5 CBSC Fellows and are co-supervised by the CBSC Program Director and a community partner over the summer ten week term.

The summer term is a paid experience.  Students receive a maximum stipend for their project work of $3,000, which is broken into regular paychecks based on hours worked and a final payment for successful completion of the project.  Fellows are offered on campus housing for the summer term.  Professional development, weekly speaker/site visits and a summer learning trip are provided to our fellows outside of the 30 hour a week project hours.  

The program provides academic and hands on learning for topics falling under the umbrella of community building.  These include affordable housing, community capacity building, working with diverse populations in community, public education policy and practices, environmental issues in communities, poverty and community development.  It is a competitive program that prepares fellows for future careers in the non-profit sector, education, politics, public interest law, medicine, public health and socially minded business.  

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The Community Building and Social Change Fellows Program is a year-long intensive academic experience for Emory undergraduates, including 9 credit hours of course work, and a 10-week paid summer practicum. Students in the program learn about the theory behind successful community building projects and gain tools and skills needed for this kind of work. Students then work full-time for 10 weeks in the summer on real community building projects in the Atlanta community.



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The CBSC Fellows Program is an intense year-long program for undergraduate students at Emory. The program includes 9 credits of coursework and a full-time paid summer practicum. The first step in the program is to apply for and complete a prerequisite course, POLS/SOC/ENVS/CBSC 370A only offered in the fall semester. Students that have completed or are enrolled in this course may apply for the spring and summer terms of the full program, including spring courses and the summer paid practicum working in community. Students may complete the program as sophomores (as of the fall course) through seniors, including those seniors that graduate the spring of their program year.