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Peace & Blessings Fam and welcome to the Black Student Union page. On this page, you will find information about upcoming meetings, events and more! Please do not forget to follow us on IG: @csuebbsu and check out our website! Feel free to send us an email at with any questions or inquiries. #BlackAtTheBay #BlackPioneersForever 

Portal Information


Mission Statement:
Being away from home is a challenge for many students and at times it can be difficult to get involved and network with other students, faculty, and/or staff on campus. The purpose for the Black Student Union (BSU) is to:
1.Strengthen the bond and serve as a voice for the Black student population on the California State University, East Bay campus.
2.Develop unity among all while providing an enjoyable and memorable experience.
3.Provide leadership opportunities to students on the CSU East Bay campus.
By partaking in community outreach, social networking events, educational events, and fundraising events as well as holding weekly meetings for discussion of issues within the Black community our student leaders will ensure that every student is effected in a positive way. BSU members welcome all students to come and participate in the historical and present achievements in the African American/Black culture.



Selection process/membership requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Board Member Specifications:
Below are the requirements that all board members must abide by:
1. GPA of at least a 2.5.
2. Must attend 60% of general meetings (6 out of 10) per quarter (conference calling into a meeting does count as attendance).
3.Must table for at least one BSU event per quarter.
4. Serve on a committee for at least one event or program per quarter
5. To run for president for the following year you must serve on the executive board for at least 1 year

Club/organization's email address

The University no longer creates campus emails for clubs and organizations. We suggest using a self-created gmail account.

Club/organization's Instagram page
Officer #1 Position Title


Officer #1 Name

Bidemi Animashaun

Officer #2 Position Title

Vice President

Officer #2 Name

Jasmine Graham

Officer #3 Position Title


Officer #3 Name

Hyacinth Davis

Officer #4 Position Title


Officer #4 Name

Rachael Brandt

Officer #5 Position Title

Director of Outreach

Officer #5 Name

Montaye Kyle

Optional: Officer #6 Position Title

Director of Programs

Optional Field: Officer #6 Name

Katelyn Gamble

On-Campus Advisor Name

Erika Williams

On-Campus Advisor Title



Please upload your organization's constitution. Follow the link to a template if needed.

Organization Goals

Please list your goals for the next year

Annual Goals: 2018-2019
The Black Student Union hopes to increase the percentage of student involvement within the Black community at CSU East Bay by:
Understanding needs:
Providing a clear mission statement
This provides a general overview of our program and how we plan to effectively communicate throughout the campus.
Holding relevant events for the Black student population
This will further create unity for students to give insight about topics they feel are important and should be addressed such as social justice and education.
Campus Involvement
This is will enhance the student leadership experience for many as well as allow students to explore other campus organizations that were designed and created specifically for them.
Within BSU students will learn time management, professional, career building, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.
Branding BSU:
Tees, tanks, crewnecks, hoodies with BSU logo and design
School Supplies
Pens, pencils, etc. with BSU logo

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: social, service, brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

Social, Community Service, Fundraising and Educational events on African American Culture/issue

Administrator Use Only