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We love disruption. Technological innovations have disrupted a wide array of industries, especially in the financial industry. Financial Technology, or 'FinTech' holds the eky to future advancements in the financial industry, and we aim to bring you the most exposure to this rapidly growing industry.

Our focus will be primarily on the current application of Financial Technologies in the business world, with an emphasis on real-world applications and less theoretical research. Examples of prominent Financial Technologies include Robo Advisors, Bitcoin and Blockchain, payments (Apple Pay, Venmo, etc.), Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / smart machines. Due to the nature and broad range of applications of FinTech, we will naturally be bringing in topics/concepts from: Economics, Finance, Computer Science, and Social/Traditional Entrepreneurship. Technology allows for a fundamental change in the way we address core problems in the financial world, which is why we hope to foster an environment of awareness, creativity, and education.


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